Unclaimed Money in Nebraska – Tips to Getting This Cash!

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Is there Nebraska unclaimed money? As the fuzz about unclaimed cash and properties infest the media, the number of states publicizing their records also grows in existence. Recently, states like Texas, Montana and Missouri have announced their interest in giving back unclaimed properties to their people. For all Nebraska residents, here lies good news especially for those aching to dig buried treasures in various state agencies. The NE State Treasurer, Shane Osborn, will now take over the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrations (NAUPA).

Recently, Osborn has been aggressively working on the return of all unclaimed cash and properties to their rightful owners. About $14 million worth of assets were given back to the public. This broke the $9 million record of the state’s former officials.

Nebraska’s unclaimed money currently sums up to an estimate of $85 million. With its population presently at 1.7 million, there’s a big chance each person could go home with money in his pockets. Even Nebraska Congressman and former Husker coach Tom Osborn was found to have unclaimed cash of $1,500. Everybody’s hoping to break the 14-million record this year, especially now that Nebraska has opened their records to online database search engines.
Claim your untapped riches!

If you live or have lived in Nebraska, or maybe made some transactions in the said state, you might want to check out their records for unclaimed money. Unclaimed money and properties could be in the form of uncashed checks, secret bank accounts, gift certificates, tax refunds, un-withdrawn payrolls, unidentified remittances, stocks, bonds and uncashed coupons, interest dividends or income, and etc that were forgotten by its rightful owners due to relocation or merely having a busy schedule. The list goes on and on as long as it is a transaction involving monetary or tangible assets.

Even jewelries were collected. These are riches often kept in safety deposit boxes our mothers or any deceased relatives forgot to remind us of. Knowing the price of antique gold and silver today, these things could definitely cost a fortune altogether.

To see if you’ve got yourself some undisclosed treasure, you could always drop by the treasurer’s office and see the list for yourself. However, this would not be a smart move since the records are not daily updated.

Before these stuffs are turned over to the Nebraska’s treasury, it undergoes a state of dormancy. Usually, this ranges for about 1-5 years depending on the agency it is left. Everyday, there are hundreds and thousands of unclaimed cash turned over to the state. Therefore, record updates would take about two-five days or a weeks’ time.

For a hustle-free search, you could always summon online database search engines. An example of these is Cash Unclaimed wherein data is collected and sorted out daily for your convenience.

Just type in the name you are searching for, either a company or relative or yours, and it will list down every property and cash the state owe you. These are authentic sites certified by the States themselves. In economic times like this, we are so very fortunate to retrieve whatever asset we have neglected. Definitely, these are treasure chests waiting to be unearth.


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